Nebula Operator Kind, oneliner installer for Nebula K8s Operator Playground

Nebula-Kind, an one-liner command to try K8s Operator based Nebula Graph Cluster on your machine, with the help of KIND (K8s in Docker)

As a Cloud Native Distributed Database, Nebula Graph comes with an open-source K8s Operator to enable boostrap and maintain Nebula Graph Cluster from a K8s CRD.

Normally it takes you some time to setup all the dependencies and control plane resources of the Nebula Operator. If you are as lazy as I am, this Nebula-Operator-Kind is made for you to quick start and play with Nebula Graph in KIND.

Nebula-Operator-Kind is the one-liner for setup everything for you including:

  • Docker
  • K8s(KIND)
  • PV Provider
  • Nebula-Operator
  • Nebula-Console
  • nodePort for accessing the Cluster
  • Kubectl for playing with KIND and Nebula Operator

Install Nebula-Operator-Kind:

curl -sL | bash

You will see this after it’s done


You can connect to the cluster via ~/.nebula-kind/bin/console as below:

~/.nebula-kind/bin/console -u user -p password --address= --port=30000

It’s in GitHub with more information you may be intrested in ;-), please try and feedback there~

Updated Sept. 2021

Install on KubeSphere all-in-on cluster:

curl -sL | bash

Install on existing K8s cluster:

curl -sL | bash

Banner Picture Credit: Maik Hankemann

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