Nebula-Up, oneliner installer for Nebula Graph Playground


A PoC utility for the newcomers or developers to bootstrap a nebula-graph playground in a oneliner command on Windows, Linux, and macOS(x86_64 and aarch64), w/o dealing with dependencies.

Nebula-Up is PoC utility to enable developer to bootstrap an nebula-graph cluster with nebula-graph-studio(Web UI) + nebula-graph-console(Command UI) ready out of box in an oneliner run. All required packages will handled with nebula-up as well, including Docker on Linux(Ubuntu/CentOS), Docker Desktop on macOS(including both Intel and M1 chip based), and Docker Desktop Windows.

Also, it’s optimized to leverage China Repo Mirrors(docker, brew, gitee, etc…) in case needed enable a smooth deployment for both Mainland China users and others.

macOS and Linux with Shell:

curl -fsSL | bash

Windows with PowerShell(Working In Progress):

iwr -useb | iex


  • Finished Windows(Docker Desktop instead of the WSL 1&2 in initial phase) part, leveraging chocolatey package manager as homebrew was used in macOS
  • Fully optimized for CN users, for now, git/apt/yum repo were not optimised, newly installed docker repo, brew repo were automatically optimised for CN internet access
  • With nebula-graph version specification support, now it’s hardcoded in 2.0.0-GA
  • With uninstall/cleanup support
  • Packaging similar content into homebrew/chocolatey?
  • CI/UT